10 Amazing Tips on How to Optimize Paid Search


Keep Your Message Appropriate

The first thing that you need to make sure is that the message is appropriate with the keywords used.  If you still use Christmas messages even if it is no longer Christmas or the potential customer lands on sites or pages appropriate for the previous year, it will just make you look like you are an amateur and customers will no longer trust you or your product.  If for example a potential customer is looking for an iPhone 4S and he or she sees an ad with the name iPhone 4S, the instinct is for the potential customer to click that ad as compared to seeing an ad that says “cell phones for sale”.

Upsell Your Products with Accessories

Some of the products that you were able to sell last year come with accessories that customers could purchase this year.  To give a better picture, if you were able to sell an electronic gadget last year, there could be accessories that compliment the product such as plugs, Bluetooth devices, among other things.

Lead Your Customers Correctly

Don’t waste your customers’ time anymore.  Lead them to the product he or she is looking for or the ones nearest to what they want if you don’t have the actual item.  If they get lost in your website, they will be put off from a buying mind frame especially if they thought they already found what they have been looking for.

From Negative to Positive

Sometimes, when you use negative keywords, these could actually turn into something positive.  Some of these negative keywords are free, review and photo.  People will not be interested when they see these keywords and as a result, there will be less window shoppers.  Ultimately, you spend less too.

Advertise What You Have

Make sure that you advertise what you have.  Avoid giving false promises to customers because this will just cost you some money and you will lose customers in the end.

Use the Long Tail

When you limit your keywords, you also limit possible sales.  Use the long tail to your advantage by putting in all possible keywords for your products.  Include product reference numbers and even ID codes.

Explore Other Adwords

Google Adwords is not the only one available for you to advertise your product though it is the biggest PPC network.  You might want to explore Bing or Yahoo!  They are not as good as the former but the conversion rates and cost per click are something to look for.

Don’t Go for the Top Spot

Aiming for the top site to advertise does not mean that it will be effective.  It can also be too expensive for you.  Try looking for click-through rates that are affordable.  You will also get the best ROI for doing this.

Check Your ROI

Make sure that you monitor the keywords you used to determine that what you get is not just traffic but conversions as well.  Don’t waste your time.  If these high-traffic keywords don’t bring money, then you might as well kill those words.

Protect Your Work

Stop others from bidding on trademarks that are supposed to be protected in the first place.  Register with PPC engines to make sure that you don’t turn out bidding your own name.

Get the Help of an Expert

If you need help to optimize search strategies, give iCommerce Team a call on +972-54-6366991.  Request for a demo on how we can help you maximize your online profits this year.

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Dani Avitz has wide experience in E-Commerce (both the practical and academic aspects), by outlining a long-term sales strategies. Knowledgeable in SEO, SMO, PPC, Affiliate and Marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Etc.

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