10 Great Tips for Effective Advertising without the Cost


Create a Comprehensive Marketing Plan

A travel plan and guide are the things that you need in order to be able to move around.  There are those that create advertising campaigns without a plan to back it up.  Having expensive advertising will not work.  When you are able to come up with an advertising plan, you can still reduce its cost with proper planning.

Even those that have been in this industry for a long time make sure that they create marketing plans that will help their businesses and industries they are into.  Coming up with a detailed marketing plan includes market research, positioning, competencies, strategies, pricing, distribution, and tactics.  Having a detailed plan will help remove advertising and marketing efforts plus costs that are not important.  You can hire a third party provider to help you develop a strategic plan.

Use Research and Marketing Plans as Basis for Decision-making

People in the media earn a living through advertising.  These specialists in advertising will inform you of special deals, limited offers for promos among other things.  If you are fully aware of your marketing plans, then you will be able to distinguish if these promotions offered to you will put a lot of value in your business.  Know what your marketing plans first and find out what special deals and offerings could be availed before putting your product out for advertising.

The research that you did and the marketing plans that you came up with will greatly assist you in understanding your best audience to look for and maintain.  Make sure that your message is clear and it reaches out to them.  Future clients do not care what you need.  They care what they will be getting out of the advertisement or from what they will get from you.

In order to stay in the game, you need to familiarize yourself with technical terms such as frequency, readership, BPA statements, demographics, Cost per Thousand (CPM) among other things.  If you don’t know these things, you will be in the dark.  If you get to hire a media provider, that company will be able to shed light on these matters plus all other things you need to know.  The strategy that you will make as well as the marketing plans that you will come up with will help you find out what media provider suits your needs.

Plot Your Itinerary in Advance

Your plans in advertising should be made in advance.  Being unable to do this means that a lot of money could go to waste.  Not planning ahead of time could lead to wrong vehicle choices, higher rates and rush charges on services.

People that are unable to schedule the advertising in advance would reason out that they did not have enough time or they were in so much rush to have one as soon as possible.

Plot all the things that you need to do in your calendar.  Make sure that you have enough time to plan out everything so that you are not in a hurry.  Find out how many ad insertions you need and have a sound agreement between your company and the media provider.

Put Your Ads to the Test

Find out what will work best by doing a trial and error.  The response that you will get out of this should serve as your baseline if you need to re-phrase or edit your lay-out.  Determine what will work best for you and once you have established this, ensure that you keep on the right track.

Let the Professionals Do the Advertising

When we have problems such as having sickness, we do not medicate ourselves but rather we call a doctor to diagnose and prescribe medicines.  Lawyers, on the other hand, are here to help us with legal matters.  We do not put the decisions on such cases on our hands.  Of course, if you need to advertise, you hire an agency to do it for you.

Advertising agencies are experts in their field.  They know what to do.  You just tell them what you need to convey, what you want to see and what you want the people to see as the message.  These are professional people so whatever you need, they will do their best to satisfy you or your company.  The only problem comes in when you try dictating to them on what to do.  You don’t tell your doctor what medicine to give you or you don’t tell your lawyer what to do if you have some legal matters so leave advertising matters to the agency.

Use Creative Briefs with Agencies

A creative brief is a summary of all items that could affect whatever advertising the company gives.  This could include the competition in the market, the target audience, consumers’ buying habits and even your company’s situation.

Time is gold and time used by the agency is money spent by your company.  By sticking to what is essential, you save money.  The more information that you can provide to the agency, the more effective it would be to the target market.

If you choose not to hire an agency, a creative brief will still be helpful as an exercise to be aware on where you are right now as the company and where it could lead you.  Having a creative brief will also help you save money from unnecessary designs and concepts.

Focus the Advertising Message to the Target Market

Your audience will be more concerned on what you can do for them rather than you expecting from them.  Customers look for something that will help them save money and time.  They also want peace of mind if they avail of your products or services.

Communicate with your audience through the language that you will use in your advertisement.  Don’t use big words if it will only mean that they will not understand anything in the end.  You need to sell to them your product and not scare them away.  Those without experiences in this kind of advertising write big words and in the end, the customers will not mind what message you are conveying or they would throw in the trash what you just have given to them.

Keep Copies of Printed Collateral, Ads and Press Releases

Let your agency know what worked in the past and what didn’t.  This will help the third party provider to come up with a persuasive copy and at the same time, produce effective ads as well.

If your previous ads will help in the success of your planned advertising, then by all means do so.  It should also be coherent with the printed collaterals.

Refrain from unreal or misleading copy

If you are honest about your products or services, you will be able to increase your sales and the company’s income.  If you trick your customers into believing into something that is unreal, you will lose more customers.

Refrain from Utilizing Groups for Ads Approval

When you put people in one room that are supposed to be experts in this field, you could actually ending up killing a brilliant idea or advertising concept.  More often than not, groups being gathered for approval end up endorsing concepts that are bad.

Time and money are also wasted in having such groups around.  There is a tendency for a lot of changes that are unnecessary.  You also have to attend to a lot of meetings that will end up nowhere.  If you edit more, this means you need to inform your media provider about the changes and it only lengthens the process therefore more money is wasted in the end.

If meeting with a group is unavoidable and is part of the process of your company, this should be done ahead of time and before contacting the advertising agency.  Productivity is very important and this should be clear when you finally meet with your chosen advertising company.

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