It is All about Presentation! Tips on Packaging Your Items for Ecommerce eBay from the Experts


2.	Packing material

If you want to retain your current client base and grow it, you not only need to have a good product but also good packaging for that product. People will be attracted to your product on online sites like ecommerce eBay and you will gain their trust, respect and loyalty by ensuring that the product arrives in good condition and in a presentable package.

So, as gleaned from various industry experts, here are a few tips on what proper packaging looks like:

  1. Right box

This may come as obvious but please use a box that fits the item well. Large boxes carrying small items are repulsive to environmentally conscious people (the waste!) and the item could get damaged while on transit. Get a good material for your box that will give the item maximum protection and will still be looking good when it arrives.

  1. Packing material

As you ensure the safety of the item, make sure to use sufficient packing material. These should be eco-friendly or recycled and good enough to protect you product.

  1. Eco-friendly

People are increasingly become more aware of global environmental issues and we all want to play our part in saving the planet. Therefore, keep your packaging materials eco-friendly as much as possible. Use materials that can be recycled and include a note explain how these items can be repurposed by the client. This shows your company’s concern for the environment and will certainly earn you trust, respect and loyalty among your clientele.

  1. Large or oddly shaped items

If you have received an order for a large item or an oddly-shaped item or one item that has both characteristics, then the experts advise that you keep the courier local. The local companies are not only cheaper but also because of the familiarity, they will take special care of your item, ensuring that it arrives in pristine condition to the client. In such cases, it is better to keep it simple when it comes to the shipping company.

  1. Packing slips

Ensure that you include a packing slip with every item providing the order information to the customer. It will act as a sort of checklist while providing you with a means of advertising. So get your logo on it and even a brief write up about your business as well as contact information should the client have any questions or queries.

  1. Customized packaging

Choose the package based on what you are transporting. For instance, large couriers have a lot of packages that they have to handle at any one time and can be overwhelmed. So they may not be as careful with delicate items meaning that you may not be guaranteed of a perfect delivery. This means that you may have to reinforce your packaging further in such cases.

Local couriers may be more careful because they have less to deal with but don’t go too easy on the packaging with them either. Whichever the case, take as many pictures as you can, keep a paper trail on the package and basically stalk it until it gets to the client safely.

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