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Technology at the front: eBay and Amazon marketplaces

The advantages of science in the world of commerce is beyond words. It has reached the farthest level in terms of global enterprise and instant communication at real time. This is what internet is all about. Everything becomes easily reachable. Technology is keeping everyone on their toes in terms of...

Social Media Optimization

SMO Social Networks This acrticle is about the relationship that has been laid down for the past few years about social networks and search engines. More often than not, a social network is a software platform too. Some examples of this type are YouTube for videos and Flickr for images....

Online Selling Trends

Opportunities for Sellers in 2012 A panel of experts were asked by eCommerceBytes regarding online selling trends.  Today’s installment gives us the challenges that sellers could encounter when it comes to possible opportunities.  Selected participants were chosen for this activity on the basis of these people being in the frontlines...

The Trend on Online Shopping Part 1

It was in the mid-1990s when online shopping caught the attention of the people.  When this started, it basically revolutionized the retail industry.  However, it is now facing a decline because of the birth of mobile shopping and other new technologies as well.  Here are some questions and the challenges...