The Online Retail Approach – 7 reasons for Heaven on-line!


The online stores industry is getting popular each day, which is why entrepreneurs and buyers are shifting from traditional shopping to online shopping. This is a known fact according to researches done by MIT, Google and Facebook, so online shop owners come up with ideas on how to “tempt” their potential clients for a purchase.

The online world has given people the opportunity to buy anything and everything globally. There is no need to drive to a mall or a local boutique store. Whatever you need, you can find online. This is the online retail approach.

The Lucky 7 – A research that was done online and respondents have made their verdict. Listed below are the 7 reasons why people prefer to do online shopping these days as compared to traditional shopping. One or all of the reasons may apply to you!

  1. Lowered Prices – Shoppers can buy anything they want at lowered rates. Most of the time, online stores offer the items at cheaper values, according to 75% of the research respondents, that’s a reason for their shopping online.
  2. Availability – Store is open 24/7 – Online stores do not close by 10pm or open by 9am. It may very well be 2:00 o’clock in the morning and you can still buy anything you want, which is a great motivator for 63% of the research respondents.
  3. Free Shipping – Online stores offer free delivery if the shopper reaches a certain amount. On all iCommerce Stores – this rule applies, and we sell almost all of our items with Free Shipping!
  4. Lightning Quick Delivery – Next day delivery, according to 55% of the customers, seals the satisfaction deal.
  5. Comfortable Shopping – No hassle and always at ease if you shop online according to 48% of the respondents.
  6. Variety of Products – If in a traditional store, you have 5 colors to a particular shoe, an online store has 100 colors or designs. The variety of items offered is a great advantage, said by 46%.
  7. Freedom of Choice – Out of stock items can still be ordered if you are willing to wait and this advantage of online store shopping is loved by 40% of the respondents.


In-Depth Analysis on the Lucky 7

Lowered Prices:

It is so thrilling for an online shopper to see the words CLEARANCE, SALE ITEMS, BOGO (buy one, get one) and similar offers. The thought of getting a deal with their hard-earned cash pushes them to make that ADD TO CART and PAY click. Who can resist a discount?

Normally, your $10 will buy you one brand new item. If it is on sale, you get to purchase 2 or maybe 3! Impulsive buyers will jump on that opportunity. Practical buyers will think about it for a few minutes and make the buying choice.

As long as you can guarantee to you clients that you offer the lowest prices at the best quality of the product, the value of their money purchased on your store is attained by them. That is your punch line. (81% of online buyers do not mind paying more for extra service, though)

Open 24/7 days a week:

There is no closing time with an online store. You do not have to wait for the 9am opening time too. With an online store, you can shop at any time. No need for you to dress up and go out.

The psychology here by an online shopper is – I can buy it now and it will be shipped to me.

If your online store has an easy ordering system (the less clicks, the better) and has save options for frequents shoppers (if stored details are in effect, less hassle for clients), they like this much better.

Free Shipping:

The thought of getting your shopped item at free shipping is the best. Buyers love free on anything. You can give them free elastic bands or memo pad and they will praise you! Free shipping is a very big client pleaser. This reason alone, according to 56% of the respondents, is a big factor.

Now, on shipping, free is a delight. With volume orders, even small online shops can shoulder the free shipping. You can also contact local courier companies to split shipping costs. Most companies do that.

You can also offer your clients one day delivery or even better, same day shipping. According to 26% (1000 respondents from the UK), added shipping price is amenable to them on special days like Christmas as long as the items arrive really quickly.

Lightning Quick Delivery:

Time is gold and gold is money which means time is money. You have to answer to your clients within hours. You have to deliver the item and ship it as quickly as possible. An email notification to your client saying that they item they have ordered 2 hours ago is already dispatched can have a very big and positive effect. Offer of return and refunds, wish lists, gift options – to name a few – shows that you value your clients 100%.

Comfort Shopping:

Your online shop must provide to your clients the most comfortable shopping experience. It must be a user-friendly site wherein clients can input their order desires in one click. Customer service representatives must be on standby if not, you have to be available in less than 24 hours after their initial communication. If they are frequent buyers, gifts and rewards will make them happier.

Variety of Products:

You cannot stock 100 items in a 6 x 6 foot stall. But if you have an online store, you can offer up to 1000 items and it will not be an excess rental space for you. The best part of it all is that your clients can enjoy many items and can buy anything and everything even by sitting inside their room, even if they are at the office or in a meeting. Shopping is for what they want is easy.

Freedom to Choose:

An order coming from clients on products currently out of stock is possible. You, as online store owner, can still serve your client who is willing to wait. For a client, this is good news.

Online stores emerged and there are no limits. A client from Asia can buy from an online store based in the U.S. Even the rarest of items can now be purchased online. For online shop owners, a decent website is advantageous so you can optimize your product lines and sell your brand. Make money!

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