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Easily see the products you have in stock in real time, and float seamlessly between your online and offline sales.

Seamlessly Integrate Offline Data with Online Information

The main aim of a business is to place the products or services in the hands of consumers. We at iCommerce have a mission to sell your merchandise worldwide and our goal is to place your products in consumers’ hands in a quick and efficient manner. With the help of appropriate data integration (which is full of complexities), we ensure that our clients’ continue to expand their business and fetch more revenues. iCommerce designs customized solutions by combining the best technology with the business needs. With the integrated online and offline databases, clients can reduce costs to a great extent. The seamless integration not only improves the customer satisfaction but also helps in managing the offline business processes effectively.

Updating Online Information

With the help of our online to offline integration solutions, clients can see their inventory in real time and can take orders accordingly. The real time information on inventory will prevent the online store from selling the products that are already out of stock. This helps in maintaining the credibility of the business as well as reducing the shipping time. We can help you to manage your suppliers in the best possible manner to keep up with the demand for products.

iCommerce Integrated Systems

Our development professionals discover new ways and combine different technologies to create effective solutions.  We focus on statistics and metrics that help us to focus on online to offline integration. Our proven strategies can help you integrate various applications ranging from warehouse management systems to SCM. This gives your business a decisive advantage and edge over competitors. iCommerce provides different integrated systems for different business models such as B2C and B2B.

If you want to enhance online user experience and manage your offline operations successfully, contact us for effective online to offline integration solutions.


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