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Get Instant Visibility with a Well-Managed PPC Campaign

Many online businesses or websites are still ignorant of the power of pay per click (PPC) advertising to boost their sales and generate more revenues. They are still wasting millions of dollars in the traditional advertising to get visibility. PPC advertising can help a website or online store gain instant exposure by automatically bringing the website on the first page of search engine result pages (SERP).

Generate more Sales with PPC

The experienced team at iCommerce can design advanced pay per click advertising solutions and manage your campaigns effectively right from targeting serious traffic to increasing the conversion rate. Whether you are a big retailing giant entering the online arena or a small online storefront not getting targeted audience for a long time, iCommerce can guarantee you instant traffic and more revenues. Our experts can show you how a well-managed PPC campaign such as Google Adwords can position your business and maximize your revenues.

iCommerce PPC Plan

Many websites set up their PPC campaign and generate few initial leads but that does not result in higher revenues and neither helps them get serious traffic. That is where iCommerce makes a difference. For websites looking for qualified lead, the team of iCommerce manages a PPC campaign in a planned manner and helps them by

  • Placing their website under the sponsored links of the popular search engines.
  • Optimizing keywords for a competitive advantage
  • Bidding for Right keywords
  • Creating an attractive advertising copy.

We also believe in performance monitoring. From time to time we keep the track of cost per clicks and click through rates in order to keep the campaign costs under control. We educate our clients on how we can increase conversion rate and boost the sales. Therefore, we deliver reports on a regular basis.

For businesses looking for instant traffic and generate more sales, contact us today.

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Ori Greenberg has years of expertise in setting up internet departments for organizations that were not yet recognized in the online arena, and extensive knowledge of E-Commerce - Marketplaces, Social, SEO, PPC, Affiliate, CSE and knows how to glue them together.

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