Privacy Policy

NDA Will Probably Be The First Thing We’ll Do Together

Here at iCommerce, we really need to know your business and how it works. We understand how sensitive that information is – thus everything we get will be completely legally protected, trust us.

When we partner with a company, we study the details. We want to know who you are. What’s the manufacturing lead-time on your product? How much are you paying per unit in shipping? What are a few key markets that are not being tapped in to? How do you handle inventory and how can we help streamline the process? This is the foundation that most business-to-business agencies just don’t take the time for.

After we get to know you, we build your online store, implement advertising campaigns and make sure you’re only paying for a genuine lead, and transform your product into a global good by listing it on sales sites around the world such as Amazon and eBay.

In short, we find the lowest-risk avenues to promote your product, and the most profitable shelves to sell it, whether it’s purchased from a store in Budapest, or from a website in Boston. We take care of all of the details, from customizing your ERP solution and the way you manage inventory to shipping your product and ensuring customer satisfaction after the sale. Our goal: to get as much of your goods in consumers’ shopping carts as quickly and efficiently as possible. But we’re more than the peddlers of your product. We are the partners that help you grow.