How to ensure that your new or old products get sold on eBay


E Shopping CartBuying on eBay or any other online shopping or eCommerce website is not unusual. There is a plethora of people all over the globe who are involved in making purchases through the internet as it brings a wide variety of options and choices right at your doorstep, or rather at your computer screen. However, while buying online is a common phenomenon, what is odd is the fact that very few people actually take the initiative to get involved in selling a product, whether new or old online, specifically on eBay. Agreed, there are a million sellers, most of them belonging to famed companies and brands who sell products on eBay, however, this does not mean that your thunder will be stolen by these big names. With the right techniques and strategies, you can take full advantage of ecommerce eBay and use it in a way that works for you. Given below is how you can do it.

1. Pay attention to the photos that you click:
You may be the proud owner of one of the best electronic gadget or kitchen appliance but may be looking for a new home for this gadget because you may have bought home a newer, perhaps, an upgraded model. This old product may be in excellent working condition and may also be the best deal your buyer could ever get, however, you need to realize that the first thing the buyers notice is the actual product itself. Therefore, it is very important to showcase a good quality photograph of the product you intend to sell. For instance, if ecommerce jewelry is what you intend to sell, a closer look into the beads and gems used in the jewellery would entice the buyer more rather than a long shot of your jewellery set sitting among a pile of other ornaments on your dressing table. Making your product the focal point is very important.



2. Make sure you have researched well:
The product that you intend to sell must have some kind of potential demand. For instance, There is a possibility that you may want to sell an antique product that people are not aware of or is not easily available in the market and therefore, it is important to select a keyword that will not only show your product in the results page but will also be relevant at the same time. Besides, the price is also a major factor that is often taken into consideration when buyers shop online. Overpriced products will be instantly rejected by your potential buyers and therefore, it is very crucial to do a thorough research to see what your competitors are charging for that product. Once you have a fair idea, the trick is to charge a price that is slightly lower than those of your competitors to gain an advantage.


3. Sunday is the best day to close the auction:
If you plan on selling off your product on an auction basis, you must make sure that you close it or end it on a Sunday. Based on the country that you are targeting your sell in, you should be aware of their time zone and decide on a deadline accordingly. It has been tried and tested and the conclusion is clear that eBay claims Sunday evenings to be hoarded by people from all over the globe to participate in auctions and therefore, ending your auction around that time will ensure that you get the best bid for your product and therefore, giving you the opportunity to earn big bucks.

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