If you have Product but No Shop to Sell It – Use Etsy


With internet being used globally by an endless number of users, the concept of online marketplaces is taking a huge surge in e-commerce domain. These online marketplaces are great platforms for enhancing your sales figures as they reach out to global audience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Also, since the online marketplaces already have eager customers waiting for different types of products, sellers do not have to worry about investing in promotions and advertisements to attract customers.

For small start up businesses, online marketplaces are a big boon as they can start with selling a small number of products first; also, there would be no need to open a separate store for the products. Sitting in the comfort of their houses, both individual and corporate sellers can start selling their products to potential customers across the world.


Several online marketplaces are available today where vendors can register themselves and start selling their products. Few points which each seller should keep in mind before registering with these marketplaces are listed below:

  1. Registration and per transaction cost (fee of marketplace as a commission on your sale) should be well understood.
  2. All terms and conditions should be well read, understood and then accepted.
  3. Make sure that your selected marketplace is in line with the type of products you want to sell.
  4. Also, make sure that the online marketplace chosen by you is popular among your target customers. If you want to reach out to global market then the chosen marketplace must have a global presence.
  5. Beware of the fraudulent marketplaces.

Amongst lots of marketplaces today, an online marketplace that stands apart is “etsy.com”. Etsy specializes in selling art and craft pieces that are handmade and unique. It’s a global marketplace that connects thousands of individual sellers and buyers all over the world.  If you are amongst those who want to sell their handmade vintage products without investing into a separate website or a store, then you can easily start up by registering on “etsy.com”. Apart from dealing in unique art work and handmade craft items, Etsy is a great marketplace where sellers can sell anything and everything; ranging from books and apparels to footwear and jewellery.

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Some of the key points that help Etsy stand apart are:

  1. Easy registration process. Sellers can just go on Etsy, register and create their own online shop. Sellers can also give customized name and logos to their shops. Predefined templates for uploading pictures are available; you just need to upload nice and attractive pictures along with some catchy descriptions and you are all set to sell your products on Etsy.


  1. Strong global presence with a huge customer base for handicraft items. Imagine how difficult it would be for you to get customers by exhibiting your unique artwork in galleries, exhibitions and art shows. You would have access to only limited number of potential customers. If you sell on Etsy, you need not get into all these hassles of displaying your artwork in galleries and craft shows.
  1. Easy and user friendly interface. An interactive and user friendly interface enables the sellers to create listings of their products in seconds.


  1. Capability of downloading sales reports. Sellers can easily download reports that indicate their sales with commission fee for all the sold items.


  1. Lower registration and transaction commission fee as compared to other online marketplaces.


  1. Availability of a step by step guide to use Etsy. The guidebook also gives suggestions about including SEO keywords in descriptions so that more customers get attracted towards your listed products. Apart from guidebook, they also provide chat and email support to their users.

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