Tips to Sell on Etsy Successfully


Etsy offers a great platform for selling products online. If you are adept in the art of selling on this site, you can leverage this platform to earn big profits. In case you are not much well-versed with the tips and tricks for a successful business on Etsy, you need not worry as this article will let you know how to use Etsy to sell your products. Take a look at the following.

Know who your potential customers are – Before building an Etsy shop, you must decide on the audience you want to cater to. When you are familiar with your potential customers, you will find creating product description, choosing appropriate keywords and deciding product price much easier.

Post a short description with an engaging headline – While creating description for your product, make sure to keep it concise and striking. Inform your niche customers about all the product specifications within the description. For example, if you want to sell a furniture item, provide information about its material, color and the measurements. Exploit your creative instinct to come up with a tempting title as the headline is the first thing that a customer notices. If it is influential, you can expect a sale.

Insert keywords in description – A product needs to be highly visible so that it finds its potential customers faster. The usage of right keywords can increase the visibility of your product on Etsy. Carry out a thorough research on the popular and competitive keywords keeping in mind the type of the product. Add the keywords in the description wisely. A sound knowledge in search engine optimization or SEO is essential to do the keyword analysis and selection of suitable keywords. If you lack the knowledge, you can hire an SEO expert for the job.

Post product images – Pictures say a thousand words. A mere description of the product (that you wish to sell) will not do. You have to provide a good quality image of the product. Post more than one photograph of the product taken from different angles. Pictures need to be clear and high quality. Blurred and dark images will ruin all the chances of a sale. Make sure you click pictures with a good-quality camera instead of a mobile phone having a VGA camera. A shopper wants to be completely sure about a product before making a purchase. So, as a seller, you have to put in your best efforts to make your potential customers assured about a product.

Post appropriate price – Displaying a hefty figure (price) beside the product without conducting adequate research is the worst thing you can do to hamper your success on Etsy. A product price should be reasonable for both the seller and the buyer. You need to take into account the following factors when deciding on the price.

  1. The expenses involved in manufacturing the product
  2. The costs related to shipping
  3. The recent market trends

You will be able to settle on the right price of the product combining these three factors.


Take advantage of social media – A business can touch the summit of success with the help of social media marketing. Social networking sites like, Facebook and Twitter give businesses wonderful opportunity to get in touch with their niche audience rapidly. You can promote your Etsy shop and expand your customer base efficiently on Facebook and Twitter. You can create a page of your Etsy shop on Facebook and highlight your products on it. Try to be innovative when designing the page and you should update the page frequently.

These are the techniques that can help your brand stand out of the crowd on the huge and popular online platform for selling products, Etsy.

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