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We’ll help people find you. Not only in Google, but in other places such as eBay and Amazon – be there or be square.

Optimize your Website for Increasing Rank and Revenue

The world of internet marketing has posed new challenges for businesses. Gone are the days of yellow pages and local newspapers. Consumers search for businesses online whether through their smart phones or computers. Therefore, the websites that fail to capture the attention of search engine spiders eventually lose the battle of internet marketing as well as potential customers. SEO or search engine optimization is a magic wand that can help your business to gain visibility along with the top ranking on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). For reaching out to mass audience, the website and its content needs to be SEO friendly.  iCommerce can help you create websites that not only caters to the needs of consumers, but also fulfills the demands of search engine crawlers.

Maximum ROI

SEO solutions are not only cost effective but are also reliable means of increasing the traffic and revenues. We at iCommerce can help you plan your website and database in a way that will make sure it is built correctly in an SEO manner, create successful SEO campaigns for small and large businesses and help them to increase the ROI (Return on Investments).  Our focused approach can guarantee the top rankings in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo etc. This in turn generates more traffic and as a result maximizes the revenues for your business. We ensure that your website retains the top rankings not just for months, but for a long time.

Draw More Traffic

We help you to get qualified leads by attracting the highly targeted traffic. Our proven strategies and innovative on-page and off page optimization techniques along with highly managed content drives more visitors to your websites than your competitors.

Our dedicated team helps you track the traffic generation and provides detailed reports and analysis on current rankings as well as projected rankings. Our SEO professionals will work with you to get higher ranks and revenues.

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Ori Greenberg has years of expertise in setting up internet departments for organizations that were not yet recognized in the online arena, and extensive knowledge of E-Commerce - Marketplaces, Social, SEO, PPC, Affiliate, CSE and knows how to glue them together.