Ori Greenberg

Ori Greenberg has years of expertise in setting up internet departments for organizations that were not yet recognized in the online arena, and extensive knowledge of E-Commerce – Marketplaces, Social, SEO, PPC, Affiliate, and CSE including use of the distribution management program Channel Advisor, commercial arenas – eBay, Amazon etc.

Ori learned the business as a freelancer for a couple of years, and after a while became an account manager for the company that was the pioneer agency in the field of ecommerce in Israel. After only a year as an account manager, Ori was appointed to be the head of marketplaces at that company, after skyrocketing the company’s clients sales results. Ori was also responsible for leading his team while characterizing and designing commerce sites, the design of landing pages for announcements and campaigns of various types.

Ori holds a B.Sc degree in Industrial Engineering and Management Department, Faculty of Engineering, Ben-Gurion University, specializing in information systems. Graduate studies in business administration (MBA), Faculty of Management at Tel Aviv University.

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Phone: +972-54-6366991