Great Results, Personable, Experts!

They managed Erroca’s account from the first step. Ori stands out both in his leadership skills and in professional skills. He has put his energy into our file and utilized the skills he acquired in the online field. In a short period of time, Ori has increased our sales performance by over 300% through market research and then leveraging Erroca’s competitive advantage.

Ori has the ability to see the short and long term vision of the company. Ori is a fast learner with a great ability for out-of-the-box thinking. Starting with the simple tasks, and going through with the strategy and managing it’s implementations – Ori has made a great job! I see Ori’s professionality and leadership skills but also a passion to influence others inside and outside of the process. Ori seizes every opportunity to improve performance. He has developed our international web department and has investigated ways to improve our international presence, especially in the US. I would be happy to work with Ori in the future and I’m sure that Any project which Ori decides to be involved in will become a huge success!
February 9, 2012

Mr. Oren Dar
Managing Director