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Our work process is based on mathematical market research. The researcher’s purpose is to determine, for each seller who is interested in working together, what is the online sales potential in each market. You might find for some retailers, that the US market is not relevant for them, but that the German market is thirsty for their products, and at great margins. Our goal is to find the best markets for your products, set the logistic infrastructure needed to sell at that market, and maximize the sales there. Here is a short example of the work process:

We Study Your Business

The first thing we do is to study the potential client’s business – if they have an advantage at any territory and at that territory what’s their sales potential;

If the potential is above let’s say 100,000$ per month – according to the models they hold, the prices they were bought/manufactured at, and market demand for these models. After reviewing all markets, we’ll submit a work-plan that includes sales forecast for up to 24 months ahead. For example:

a sunglasses wholesaler turned to us, we have studied his purchasing abilities for branded sunglasses and his manufacturing abilities for his house brand glasses;

Perform Complete Market Research While Taking Care Of Logistics & Integration

We found the seller to be competitive at some of his branded glasses, which will enable us to draw traffic to his house brand glasses – (higher margins), then we decided that the for the first three months we’ll prepare the infrastructure – integrate to the ERP systems (to avoid selling stuff we don’t have in stock), design (but not yet implement) the website and begin selling at these markets: eBay US, UK and AU, next to Amazon US, UK. as part of our infrastructure process, we have opened users for the seller, helped him open bank accounts (to lower his foreign transactions rates), means of clearing money on every market (PayPal, etc.) and we have crafted a brand for his online stores. While doing that, we made sure his logistics are up for it – the warehouses, the boxes and the agreements with the different shipping carriers. We made sure they were sending a postcard directing client to their website with a coupon, from day one, to keep the traffic going from the marketplaces to their own website, which was still under construction.

Find The Best Markets For You

By the end of the third month we were already selling at a volume of over 100,000$ a month, in the US marketplaces only,  going over to our next step – opening our eBay DE and FR stores, Amazon EU accounts, while constructing the website;

Execute & Generate Sales

At that point, we decided together with the client to spend 10% of the marketplaces income to market the website – that way we had no risk of losing money for our client, something that concerns many people when they go online.

We have also created several cooperation’s for that client with other really big eyewear websites that did not sell sunglasses – we have integrated with their systems so they could offer our products next to theirs, mostly sunglasses.

Research Based Marketing Process

Perform Ongoing Optimization

From that point on, we have opened his website, increased sales on marketplaces while performing ongoing optimization, and had many types of successful marketing campaigns for his website. We have him sending his bestsellers to warehouses near his targeted regions, enabling him to lower his costs and increase his margins. He is indeed a well performing seller, who went from B2B to B2C and found out it wasn’t as nerve-wrecking as he thought it would be.

This shows one case, where performing a test to determine feasibility , and determining target countries for different models, gave back excellent results. It’s not always like that. Doing a solid market research is important not only to our potential client – it’s very important to us as well. We see ourselves as a partner to that journey, and while being rewarded for results, that initial research is very conservative – and is performed on our expense. That research does not always give us a green light, sadly, sometime we have to advice our potential partner not to go into the deep water because retailing on the internet these days is very competitive and is not meant for everybody.

If you consider yourself a potential partner, contact us today – we’ll discuss your vision, learn who you really are, and provide a detailed market research for free. Let’s conquer the worldwide internet market together – iCommerce, your hardworking partner.

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Ori Greenberg has years of expertise in setting up internet departments for organizations that were not yet recognized in the online arena, and extensive knowledge of E-Commerce - Marketplaces, Social, SEO, PPC, Affiliate, CSE and knows how to glue them together.

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